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How to Adjust Foot Presser

To stitch and feed the fabric smoothly the presser foot must have the proper pressure.
Please consult your manual for the various types of pressure adjustment systems.

To adjust the pressure push the regulator “B”
about half to three-quarters of the way down,
this will give a normal pressure setting.

Some models will have a thumbscrew, screw
this half to three-quarters of the way down.

Models with a number dial set at 4 to 6 or “normal”.

For sewing thin or light weight fabrics a lighter presser
is required.
For sewing thicker or heavier fabrics more
presser is required.
For darning and free motion sewing, release ALL the presser by pushing down on knob "A". On dial type systems set the dial on "DARN" or "O".
For improved control on free motion sewing when darning, quilting or monogramming equip your machine with a "Free Motion Foot" such as #P60432 which will fit most older style low vertical type machines.

opermankitp.gif Operator Maintenance Kit
*High quality oil in refillable extendable spout. Long neck spout style of oiler #NK2 may vary depending on availability.
*Lubricant for gears
*Lint brush
*Extra fine quality screw driver for tension adjustments
*2 strips of crocus cloth for removing burs on hook, etc.
*6" abrasive cord #52 for removing burs in and around needle plate, etc.
*Oil and lubricant instructions pamphlet for various models

tweezersTWE6p.gif Tweezers #TWE6
Top quality tweezers with guide pin
6" long with bent point design.
The best tool in your accessory box. Ideal for threading needles on sewing machines and needles and loopers on sergers. Many other practical sewing uses: removing thread and lint build-up from small areas in the sewing machine, pulling out unwanted stitches, etc.

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