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How Much is My Sewing Machine Worth?

Thank you for visiting this page. We are often asked to give the cost or value of vintage sewing machines. Unfortunately due to many variables in the market place we are not able to do this. We do however offer some recommendations for determining an approximate value.

Recommendation 1: Visit a local second hand store, antique store or search on the internet for models similar to yours for a price comparison.

Recommendation 2: Visit your nearest sewing machine store in your geographic area. They may be able to help you determine your machines value. To receive the highest value you may want to have the machine professionally tuned-up, clean and oil your machine before you put it up for sale. They may even be willing to transfer a limited warranty to your buyer if sold in there area. This would be a great selling point to a prospective buyer. Also offer with your machine some basic accessories such as needles, bobbins, zipper foot etc. Most important include an operators manual. If you do not have these items you may check them out on our web site under “Treadle and Vintage” parts.

Alternative Recommendation: If you have a machine you no longer want or have a need for you may consider giving it to a family member or a charitable organization. Some charitable organizations will provide you with a tax deduction donation receipt.

Please do not make your choice the landfill, all machine have some value to someone.

In addition we are sometimes ask if we purchase machines? We presently have over 300 vintage machines in our warehouse. So at this time we are not purchasing sewing machines.

All inquires concerning the value of sewing machines will be directed to this web page.

opermankitp.gif Operator Maintenance Kit
*High quality oil in refillable extendable spout. Long neck spout style of oiler #NK2 may vary depending on availability.
*Lubricant for gears
*Lint brush
*Extra fine quality screw driver for tension adjustments
*2 strips of crocus cloth for removing burs on hook, etc.
*6" abrasive cord #52 for removing burs in and around needle plate, etc.
*Oil and lubricant instructions pamphlet for various models

tweezersTWE6p.gif Tweezers #TWE6
Top quality tweezers with guide pin
6" long with bent point design.
The best tool in your accessory box. Ideal for threading needles on sewing machines and needles and loopers on sergers. Many other practical sewing uses: removing thread and lint build-up from small areas in the sewing machine, pulling out unwanted stitches, etc.

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