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Singer Instruction Manuals, Singer Service Manuals and Sewing Machine Maintenance Manual
We have available over 700 Instruction and Service Manuals.

Our manuals are reproduced on high quality acid-free stock. Black on white. Most covers are heaver weight for maxium useage,67lbs.
NO returns on manuals
Please choose from the list below or e-mail us your make and model number.
Serial numbers which are normally six digets or more will not help us. If you have a treadle or older black Singer without a model number, click on Treadle & Vintage Black Singers to help you identify your model.

ADD BASIC S&H of $3.95
SPPManuals.jpg Singer Instruction Manuals
PLEASE give model number on "shopping cart ordering instructions"
All manuals are black and white reprints
Manuals are $19.00 unless informed otherwise.

servicemanual.GIF Singer Service Manuals
The following Singer service manuals (reprints) are available at $24.95 each
Please note: These manuals are written for technicians assuming prior knowledge in the repair of sewing machines. They do not show the replacement of parts, they do show the sequential order of adjustments, including timing procedures for hook, needle bar and feed system, which would be necessary in the replacement of parts.
Not all Singer model numbers will have a dedicated service manual since many models have the same service procedures.
In some cases the operators manual that came with your machine will cover basic operator maintance, cleaning, oiling and balancing the tension, etc. Please check your operators manual for these procedures.
**Some service manuals have been very difficulte to reproduce because the original manuals contained photo art, in some cases where photo art was used there is also line art to aid in some adjustments.
On shopping cart instructions PLEASE list the lead numbers in blue color.
NO return on manuals.
Choose from the following:
127/128 treadle, also 27/28 non-electric
66, 99, 185
15-91 gear drive (pages 16 thru 37 of form #18847), 15-88, 15-90 (belt drive) Not Available, order manual 15-91
193M, 164M, 227M, 228M, HA-1
201, 1200 (pages 42 thru 68 of form 18962)
237 zig-zag, 239 straight stitch
**240 series:, includes 242, 247, 248, 262, 263, 288
**250 series: includes 252, 257, 258, 259. (no service maunal for the 360 series, use 250 series).
290 (use for 1411, 1425 which are No Longer Available)
301 (form 20579) 12 pages including wiring diagram.
306, 206, 319 N/L/A No Longer Available
327, 327K, 328, 328K, (337 & 338 No longer available) order 327, 328
416/418 Stylist (413, 457, 466, 477, 478 apollo supplement N/L/A)
500/503 Slant-O-Matic, (401/403/404 is N/L/A order this manual).
500 series Stylist, 513, 514, 518, 533, 534, 538 (800 stylist N/L/A order this manual)
600 Touch & Sew, 600E, 603, 603E, 620 series
630/640 Touch & Sew series: Please note this is a supplement to the 600 Touch & Sew (There will be references made to the 600 series in this manual; in other words if you have a 630, 640 you may also need to purchase the 600 Touch & Sew manual
6211/6212, 6011/6012, (6215/6217 N/L/A order this manual)
"6233/6234/6235" Since the introduction of the 6233, 6234, 6235 series in 1984 (Duratec/Slant/Apollo/Wind-in-Place) ALL similar models which followed use the same basic mechanical system of which no new service manual of these models was printed or needed. The following of which is a partial list: 4552, 4562, 4610, 4613, 4616, 4617, 4622, 4623, 4630, 4633, 4637, 5910, Serenade 30, (6408, 6410, 6416, 6423 supplement for bobbin case/position bracket adjustment), 7004, 7028, 7033, 7050, 9005, 9008, 9010, 9015, 9018, 9020, 9022, 9030, 9032, 9034, 9044, 9052, 9110, 9113, 9117, 9124, 9133, 9134, 9137, 9143, 9416, 9417, 9420, 9423, 9432, 9430, 9444, 9408N304, 30920. For these and similar models order manual "6233, 6234, 6235"
750 series Touch & Sew includes ALL 700 series Touch & Sews including 737, 750, 755, 756, 758, 770, 775, 778
"717/737/719" for ALL 700 series Stylist including 714, 724, 734, 774, 776, 6704, 6705
900 series Futura 920, 925
1030/1036 Creative Touch If you have these models you must also order the 900 series Futura (above).
1060 1060E electronic
2000/1200 electronic
2001A(2001)(2001-13) eletronic N/L/A No Longer Available

maintenancemanual2.gif Sewing Machine Maintenance Manual (1944)
Operators' sewing machine maintenance manual includes information on; cleaning, oiling and adjusting of popular style sewing machines made in the 1900's through 1950's.
This manual also includes important information on the adjustments of the treadle mechanism stand and its bearings for a smooth and long lasting performance.
This manual is not brand specific rather it covers types of sewing machines such as: round bobbins, long bobbins, rotary and treadles. These were the type of machine models made by Singer, Singer "Look-A-Like", treadles, White, Domestic, New Home, Brother, Sears Kenmore, Franklin, Eldridge, Montgomery Ward, Minnesota and many others.
This reprint manual was originally printed in 1943 by the US Department of Agriculture. It is a very useful publication for all desiring to achieve optimum performance from their vintage sewing machine. It contains 24 pages of excellent operator maintenance and other useful information; 23 illustrations, needle chart, problem solving and much more.
Also a great companion used in conjunction with our operators' maintenance kit.

tr27attach.GIF Manual for Drawer Attachments #27
Instructions for using attachments for 27 and 127 series.
15 pages showing the use of: Binder, Hemmer, Felling Foot, Quilter Foot, Ruffler, Tucker, Under Braider.
B/W reprint.

tr27boxattach.gif Manual for Box Attachments Model 27, 28 & 15 Class
Instructions for using box style
#11 attachments for model 27, 28 and 15 class machines
Fold out box type
B/W reprint

manualSingerGreist.jpg Manual for Singer / Greist Buttonholer
Manual for Singer / Greist Buttonholer for striaght stich ONLY.
For buttonholers 489500, 489510, 160506, 160748, Greist Form 777R.
Original manual removed from a machine / buttonholer in our inventory. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.
This is for older style Singer / Greist buttonholer attachments with machines having straight stitch. Vertical, slant or rotary mount. This buttonhole system can be used on a zig-zag machine, however the machine must be set for straight stitch.
The two manuals viewed have the same content, we will send you the manual we have in stock. Some manuals may show their age, we will send you the best available.

manualSingerPro.jpg Manual for Singer Buttonholer Zig-Zag K8546 / 1860
Original manual removed from a machine / buttonholer in our inventory. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.
This manual is for Singer Proffessional Buttonholer, vertical or slant with machines having zig-zag stitch.
The two manuals viewed have the same content, we will send you the manual we have in stock.
Some manuals may show their age, we will send you the best available.

opermankitp.gif Operator Maintenance Kit
*High quality oil in refillable extendable spout. Long neck spout style of oiler #NK2 may vary depending on availability.
*Lubricant for gears
*Lint brush
*Extra fine quality screw driver for tension adjustments
*2 strips of crocus cloth for removing burs on hook, etc.
*6" abrasive cord #52 for removing burs in and around needle plate, etc.
*Oil and lubricant instructions pamphlet for various models

SingerNeedle3Pack.jpg Singer Needles - 3 Pack 11-14-16 "ON SALE NOW"
Regular price $14.85
Three packs of needles 10 per pack.
One 10 pack of size 11 for light weight fabrics.
One 10 pack of size 14 for medium weight fabrics.
One 10 pack of size 16 for heavy weight fabrics.
Singer "TOP QUALITY" needles with sharp points for maximum needle power penetration, hardened for durability, polished for smooth operation and less heat build up.
Singer needles for Singer and most other sewing machines.
Packaging may vary depending on present inventory.

guidegrip4125388-45p.gif Free Motion Guide Grip
Fits ALL machines.
No need to place your fabric in a hoop for free-motion sewing. Place on top of fabric for free-motion, quilting, embroidery or monogramming. The friction surface on the underside of the guide grip holds the fabric taut and provides handles for moving the fabric. Set your machine for normal free-motion sewing according to your operators manual.
Note: For free-arm models works best with your sewing machine extension plate attached.
Some fabrics especially light weight fabrics may require a stabilizer. Some projects may require the conventional two piece wood hoop.
NOTE: For additional information click on this link "How to do Free Motion Sewing"
This item is Freight Intensive (F/I), $8.95 is the basic S&H for ALL Freight Intensive (F/I) items

tweezersTWE6p.gif Tweezers #TWE6
Top quality tweezers with guide pin
6" long with bent point design.
The best tool in your accessory box. Ideal for threading needles on sewing machines and needles and loopers on sergers. Many other practical sewing uses: removing thread and lint build-up from small areas in the sewing machine, pulling out unwanted stitches, etc.

Small Torx.JPG Torx Bit Set Small (Bin T-3)
Hard to find Torx bits, standard 1/4" hex shaft
Set includes: T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25

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